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Newhailes House is a fine late 17th-century house with impressive 18th-century additions and interiors, set in a fascinating 18th-century designed landscape. Bought in the early 1700s by Sir David Dalrymple, of the Scots legal and political dynasty, the most remarkable addition was the library, which played host to many famous figures of the Scottish Enlightenment. Much of the original decoration and furnishing has survived intact, though worn, retaining the mellowness of its interiors rather than being an immaculate restored dwelling.

FLN were commissioned as a specialist company by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) to provide advices and design on the fire protection systems to the unique property.

The property was to be conserved as found and hence to retain the historic changes throughout the period of its life to date, rather than restored to one period in time. This approach was a departure form the National Trusts usual strategy for restoration of their properties.

In addition the NTS were concerned that the building would be at risk not only from the age of the structure and historic methods of construction but also from fire in its new role as a public accessible property.

FLN having already completed a number of historic projects incorporating fire suppression and detection system assisted NTS their first venture into fire protection.

FLN were involved in the design of the Fire Safety Systems including, automatic fire detection and alarm system, very early smoke detection system and fire suppression systems.

FLN provided this design and advice service which included fire safety analysis, liaising with Fire Authorities, access to other fire experts in this field, liaising with Historic Scotland, production of designs, drawings, specification and assisting in the tender process. On site personnel to assist in technical aspects of the build, witnessing of testing and commissioning, demonstrations of the system to NTS staff and Fire personnel.

This project was highly commended at Firex due its innovative and sympathetic nature of the design and installation for a historic building.


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