Kingswood School, Dublin


New Build 1000 pupil Post Primary School.

This project is currently being designed in our Glasgow office by personnel who would be working on the Linwood project.

This new build project is to be the first in a series of schools to be procured by the Irish Government following an extensive architectural competition where FLN were part of the winning team alongside ARPL architects.

Of particular importance to the client was an overall energy strategy which has a series of key elements involving

– high levels of insulation

the walls roof and floors of the building will have the maximum level of insulation achievable with the budget. Reducing the heat requirement for the building is the starting point in reducing energy consumption.

– high thermal mass

The use of exposed concrete soffits provides a degree of thermal mass within each room. This mass helps ensure a stable internal environment through the course of the day. Consideration can be given to night time ventilation to offer a degree of inherent cooling.

– efficient mechanical and electrical systems

The installations which are required will be designed to operate as efficiently as possible with local sensors and controls to ensure comfortable managed conditions throughout the school


– natural ventilation

Natural ventilation is provided to each space through the provision of openable windows and high level chimney like vents. This offers the potential for cross ventilation to all key spaces including the deeper plan specialist teaching spaces.

Consideration will be given to linking automatic window openers linked to temperature and CO2 sensors within each space. Radiators are positioned below windows to counter the potential of cold downdrafts which arises through the use of natural ventilation in winter months.

– solar shading

South facing windows will be provided with external solar shades to reduce solar generated overheating

– lighting strategy

Maximising natural lighting will be paramount. Large format windows provide the main lighting supplemented by roof lighting to the back portion of the rooms. The stepped section of the teaching hubs allows roof lights to be deployed to ground floor spaces as well as upper floors rooms. The use of internal courtyards allow central social spaces to benefit from natural light.

Where artificial light is required this will be in the form of low energy fittings controlled by light level and movement sensors to minimise their use. Fittings which allow up and down lighting ensure an even glare free space.

FLN are employed to provide the Mechanical and Electrical Services Design Consultancy and will provide the design, drawings, specification, and bills of quantities for the services installations. FLN have carried out the site inspections on several of the projects and provided technical assistance for the others.

Construction Cost: £16M


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