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Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Queen Elizabeth and Ward Block buildings, as with most hospital, use a large volume of fresh air for ventilation and air conditioning purposes. FLN had an innovative idea to recover the heat from the exhaust air and to input this heat back into the fresh air supplies for the various supply air systems.

In addition the heat recovery system was enhanced by also incorporating the heat rejection side from the chiller plant into the circuitry. This allowed additional, and normally rejected, heat from the chillers to be used to pre heat the incoming air. However if not used within the supply system the excess heat would then be rejected from the exhaust air coils and finally expelled by a dry air cooler.

The main air intake, shown below, shows four of the twelve heat recovery coils supplying pre heat to the 111m3/s travelling through this space to serve the hospital supply air systems for the QEB building.

The original system was installed over twenty years ago with an estimated payback period of approx 5 years, an annual energy saving of approx 16,257Gj and of course the associated carbon savings of producing this energy through the steam system.

This year the NHS looked to replace the heat recovery coils due to damage both from two severe winters and external corrosion. FLN were approached due to their knowledge of the system.

FLN were employed to provide the Mechanical and Electrical Services Design Consultancy for the replacement of the heat recovery coils.

FLN provided the design, drawings, specification and tender documentation for the replacement coils and associated works installation. FLN also carried out the site inspections, technical assistance and role of Contract Administrator for the contract works

Construction Cost: £500K


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