Crosshouse Hospital Ward Refurbishment

Crosshouse Hospital was supplied by heat from three dual fuel (gas/oil) Medium Pressure Hot Water (MPHW) boilers. In addition there were two dual fuel (gas/oil) steam boilers which supply steam to certain processes. The existing boilers were is a state of disrepair and concerns were raised over their reliability and ability to pass future insurance inspections.

FLN were commissioned to undertake the replacement of the boiler plant while continuing to supply the hospital needs. In addition FLN had to consider the future installation of a biomass boiler plant.

As the biomass boiler would be assumed for the future base load boiler, only two MTHW boilers were installed each having a capacity of 3MW MTHW.

The MTHW boilers supply heating water for all heating, air conditioning and hot water demands throughout the building.

The steam boilers were replaced with 2 dual fuel (oil/gas) fired steam boilers each rated at 1000kg/hr, designed to meet the steam requirements on the site.

FLN were employed to provide the Mechanical and Electrical Services Design Consultancy, the associated Civil and Structural Design Consultancy and Project Manager / Contract Administrators role.

FLN provided the design, drawings, specification and tender documentation for the boiler replacement, new BMS control system, electrical works boiler house upgrading infrastructure and distribution works and the associated services.


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